Our company offers a wide range of legal, immigration and tax solutions for expats living in Russia including:

Teacher work visas, tourist visa invitations, permanent residency applications, registration, and more!

Update: Starting February 2020 

Foreign teachers who are legally employed in Russia can apply for permanent resident status after just six months of employment. Our specialists will be happy to explain the process in detail and assist with arranging the proper paperwork to apply!

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Our company was established by an in an international team of expats and Russians to offer a variety of professional immigration, legal, and tax solutions to the expat community in Russia. Our initial focus was on assisting ESL teachers in Russia to obtain work visa support and be free to work independently. In the past couple of years, following client requests, our spectre of services has expanded to include many other types of immigration services. Furthermore, our team of immigration and legal experts are able to support expats with legal and tax issues in Russia. 




Our team is happy to offer a wide spectre of legal, immigration, and tax services:

  • Teacher Work Visa support for a 12-month, multi-entry visa

  • Permanent Residency Application

  • Registration of foreign citizens in Russia

  • Tourist visa invitations

  • Incorporation of companies and other legal entities in Russia

  • Income and corporate tax consultation

Free consultation 



Our English speaking representative will be happy to answer questions you may have regarding any of our services. You can also book a free in-person consultation in our office.



"After working at one of the large school chains I decided I want to work on my own as I could make a lot more than my school offered. The work visa process took about 3 weeks and was very easy. Everything was done for me, they even helped me book the appointment at the visa center and were always available to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Teacher work visa!"

- Chris SInclair



"I work with very affluent families on Rubleovka but it was always going on visa runs every 3 months. Now I have the peace of mind knowing I work in Russia legally and I save a lot on travel expenses too"

- Amanda Cooney