Are you a native English teacher in Russia? Do you want to work legally using a teacher work visa and not have to make visa runs and risk deportation?


Now you can stay in Russia for a whole year without working for a school! 

Sponsor your own visa!




Working in Russia as an independent teacher has many benefits. However, without a school sponsoring your visa it is difficult to work in Russia legally. A teacher work visa lets you keep working on your own terms without breaking any laws.

Is it legal?



Yes, our service is completely legal. Not only will you have the right visa to teach in Russia but you will also pay the minimum income tax and deductions required in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

How it works



Our service allows you to stay in Russia legally for one year and provides you with peace of mind for a reasonable fee. You will have all the necessary documents to live and work in Russia: an official invitation, a work visa, and registration.

Who is eligible?
Teachers from countries where English is recognized as the official language, as well as those from EU countries, and several other countries are eligible for a teacher work visa. 



Cost of the yearly services is 75,000 Rub per year, which includes:

  • Processing of invitation for a single work visa

  • Work visa processing

  • Dedicated English speaking manager to guide you every step of the way

Free consultation 



Call our English speaking representative today for a free consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.



"After working at one of the large school chains I decided I want to work on my own as I could make a lot more than my school offered. The work visa process took about 3 weeks and was very easy. Everything was done for me, they even helped me book the appointment at the visa center and were always available to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Teacher work visa!"

- Chris SInclair



"I work with very affluent families on Rubleovka but it was always going on visa runs every 3 months. Now I have the peace of mind knowing I work in Russia legally and I save a lot on travel expenses too"

- Amanda Cooney

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