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Our mission is to provide native English teachers with a legal and cost effective way to work in Russia

Teacher work visa Russia was founded after we realized there are many teachers who want to work in Russia independently as freelance teachers without committing to a school contract. Certainly the advantages for such teachers are clear: freedom to choose their own clients, set their own schedule, and often be rewarded with higher pay. It is clear that not everyone wants to work for a school. However, many teachers encounter the same problem: how do they continue working in Russia legally without committing to a school contract? Some teachers choose to stay and work in Russia on a business visa but that is a bad decision. Not only is it illegal but it can result in deportation and being blacklisted from ever getting a Russian visa again. Business visas are also expensive and require going on visa runs every 90 days. What a hassle! 


Luckily now there is a solution which is legal, quick, and won't break the bank. Our company specializes in providing teachers with legal work visas which answer all the immigration, registration, and tax requirements of the Russian Federation.  Your visa will clearly say that you are in Russia to work as a teacher. You will pay the minimum taxes required (a symbolic sum), have a registration, and be able to stay in Russia for as long as you want. All work visas are valid for 12 months but can be extended every year.


Our company is committed to providing:


  • Quality customer service

  • Professional work visa invitation and processing

  • Follow up services for the duration of your visa validity

  • Additional support such as tourist visas and registrations