First step: Get a teacher work visa invitation


To obtain a teacher work visa, you need a work visa invitation. Contrary to a business visa invitation, which can be issued by various Russian companies, a teacher work invitation is issued by the Federal Migration Department (UFMS) only to registered companies with an education license.


The invitation (also called visa support) is a special document that invites you to Russia to teach at a specific licensed education company. The invitation is required by a Russian consulate to be able to process your visa. The process of obtaining the invitation takes 17 business days after payment is received and all documents are submitted. It is possible to expedite this process (10 business days) for an additional charge.

Second step: Visa application and processing


Once you have your work visa application, you are ready to apply for the actual visa in a consulate or a visa processing center. Before you book your appointment you should make sure you have all the necessary documents such as the HIV test. Our customer service agent will fill help you complete the application correctly, and make sure all the documents are ready so you can avoid delays or costly problems at the visa center. We also have established relationships with visa centers in countries nearby so you won’t have to travel to your home country to apply. Overall, processing usually takes 7-10 days. There is an option to process your visa in just 1 day for an additional charge.  

Third step: Extend the visa to 12 month


All work visas are initially issued as a single entry visa for 90 days. After the teacher arrives in Moscow we  submit all the necessary documentation for extending the visa to 12 months. This process takes 17 business days and the cost is included in our work visa invitation service. When the new visa is ready the teacher can re-enter Russia as often as they want during the 12 month validity. The 12 month work visa from Teacher Work Visa Service can be extended every year for an additional charge without having to leave the country.

Fourth step: Registration


Every foreign national must be registered to legally stay in Russia. This applies to every type of visa: tourist, work, etc. and must be done within 7 days of arrival. When the teacher arrives in Russia they can obtain a 90-day registration for 7000 Rub. Please note that every time a person leaves the territory of Russia they will have to get a new registration when they return.